Aurora's Door

A multidimensional action-adventure for the PS4, PS5 and the PC

Think in multiple dimensions!

Open portals anywhere

Simply look where you wish to go and open a portal to see what's in the other dimension.

You never know what monster lurks in the other side or what furniture may fall through a portal. 

You can use this to your advantage in order to teleport enemies and objects where you want.

Travel through 4 parallel dimensions

Switch between Earth & Nature, Fire & Lava, Air & Electricity or Water & Ice.

Each dimension has its own weather conditions

Enemies whose primary attack/defence is based on fire will be less effective fighting in the rain, so a good strategy would be to lure them in a dimension where it rains.

Portals have volume

Unlike other games, portals aren't like flat doors. You can walk around them to see clearly what's in the other side and decide from which angle you wish to enter or just close them.

Portals can be any 3D shape

You and some NPCs (non-player characters) will mostly be able to open sphere portals anywhere you wish. In some occasions, you will be able to open a portal of a different shape, such as a pyramid, cube or even a flying dragon!


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